Self-Assembled Three Dimensional Periodic DNA Arrays:  Crystals

A key goal of DNA nanotechnology is the construction of periodic arrays in 3 dimensions (crystals). We have been successful in producing 3-D arrays from tensegrity triangles.  An image of the sequence of the tensegrity triangle is shown below (a),along with images of crystals (b).


The stereoscopic images below show the molecular structure of the tensegrity triangle (a) and the connection between two of them through a sticky end (b).


The stereoscopic images below the surroundings of one triangle (a) and the rhombohedron flanked by eight of the triangles (b).  The red triangle is at the back of the rhombohedron, the three yellow triangles are in a plane closer to the viewer, and the three green triangles are in a plane yet closer to the viewer.  The eighth red triangle which would be yet closer to the viewer has been omitted for clarity.


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